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Buy caviar directly from the producer

Beleaev Caviar stands for reliable caviar wholesale and is a pronounced specialist for sturgeon caviar. For years, Beleaev Caviar has gained a reputation as a premium supplier of high-quality products and provider of exceptional service. The company has built up a loyal national and international customer base. Well-known businesses from the areas of gourmet food wholesale and retail, high-end catering and luxury hotels trust in us as their supplier for high-quality, genuine caviar. Even Michelin star chefs are impressed by the exceptionally high quality of Beleaev Caviar and serve our products at their star gastronomy.

Finest caviar, fresh from the producer

In over ten years as a caviar supplier, Beleaev Caviar has proven to never compromise on quality and freshness. We carefully monitor every step of the caviar production process. Our Iranian caviar master, who has more than 10 years of experience in caviar production, is responsible for this. Thanks to his great expertise, strict selection and natural breeding of the sturgeons, we can guarantee you top-class caviar.For the breeding of sturgeons, Beleaev Caviar pays special attention to species-appropriate husbandry. Our sturgeons grow up in a natural lake environment. Each fish has plenty of space and fresh water in the extensive breeding area of several square kilometres to allow a natural development. As a customer of Beleaev Caviar, we guarantee you the best caviar from sustainable breeding. Find out more about Beleaev Caviar’s caviar production.

Our caviar selection

As a caviar wholesaler with an own breeding program, we are able to reliably offer you a large selection of different caviar types in various quality classes.

Imperial Gold Caviar
Osiectra Caviar
Baeri Caviar
Beluga Caviar

International Supply:

We are one of the first companies that can supply caviar for you and your clients in the UK, Europe, Switzerland, and the UAE. Over the past 4 years, our main priority has been opening our facilities in every major city, which allows us to deliver caviar in record time. If you have clients in countries where customs declarations usually take months, it’s not a problem for us — we handle it in just 24 hours.

Some good reasons for Beleaev Caviar as your caviar wholesaler:

  • High-quality caviar from our own production
  • Trading volume of several tons of caviar per year
  • Uninterrupted traceability of the production chain
  • Guaranteed highest freshness through regular deliveries
  • Goods are packaged upon order
  • CITES export permits available within 2-3 days
  • Larger quantities also deliverable at short notice
  • Free shipping within Germany for larger orders

Let us provide you with detailed information about our wholesale assortment and give you your customised offer for high class caviar.

Large selection of containers – also available in customised versions

As a caviar distributor, we can respond precisely to your individual wishes. Besides the classic end-consumer containers – i.e. cans of 50, 125, 250 and 500g – we also offer special packaging sizes exclusively to our wholesale customers and retailers: This includes both special single-portion tins of 10, 20, 30 and 100g as well as bulk containers of caviar in the original tins of 1kg, 1.7kg or 1.8kg. Upon request, we can also personalise your caviar tins to meet your specific demands. This includes branding and packaging. For bulk buyers, we can provide caviar packed in original boxes of around 17kg each.

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If you regularly order larger quantities, we can make you an individual and tailor-made offer. Please contact us to enquire about your conditions.

Our team of seasoned sales advisors will provide you with expert advice on putting together individual customer requirements and will prepare a custom price quotation for you. In caviar wholesale, Beleaev Caviar sets very high standards through its many years of experience.

  • Fast & Secure Shipping

    Incoming orders before 2 p.m. (Mon-Thu) will be with you the next day with DHL Express.

  • Best Price-Performance Ratio

    We offer the best value for money. Royal Caviar is a caviar wholesaler and thus sits directly at the source.

  • Guaranteed fresh Caviar

    Freshness is a top priority for us. You only order fresh caviar from us. We fill and pack on the same day as your order (Mon-Thu).

  • Cooperation with Star Chefs

    Enjoy caviar of the extra class. Many Michelin-starred chefs and top restaurants trust the consistently high quality of our products and purchase their caviar directly from Royal Caviar. Discover refined recipes with caviar from our top chefs.

  • Best Caviar Quality with Guarantee

    Our caviar comes from sturgeons that live in their natural environment in a large lake. The quality of the caviar (a hybrid of Beluga caviar crossed with Asetra caviar) is monitored by our experienced caviar masters at every step of the caviar production process. The HACCP certification guarantees an unbroken cold chain..

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