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Royal Imperial Caviar

Royal Imperial Caviar

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Egg Size: 3.2-3.4mm.
Egg Colour: Dark golden roe.
Egg Taste: Hazel nutty flavour.



The "Imperial Gold" caviar is a selection of a caviar from a hybrid species: Huso Dauricus & Acipenser Schrenckii. The fish are raised in lakes at the edge of the Amur River and enjoy the space to move freely. Therefore, they burn their surplus fat which gives us the pleasure of enjoying the firmness of their grain. The peculiarity of this caviar is that we find the salty taste of the wild caviar. The selection guarantees a very rare caviar with its golden color, big loose grains, firm texture and lengthy aftertaste.


Shelf life: 4 months
Storage temperature: -1 ° to 4 °C
Species: huso dauricus x acipenser schrenckii
Ingredients: huso dauricus x acipenser schrenckii Roe (Imperial Gold), salt, borax salt.
Allergens: Fish

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