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Royal Baeri Caviar

Royal Baeri Caviar

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Eggy Size: 2.4-28 mm.
Egg Colour: Grey to light grey colou
Egg Taste: Sweet & nutty flavour.



The Royal Baerii Caviar is globally the most popular as it comes from a sturgeon living in the rivers that adapt well to captivity and all latitudes. Medium to small size, its grey to light grey eggs joyously burst in the mouth, leaving a sweet, nutty flavour.
The bright aroma of sturgeon caviar combined with its delicate texture is perfect for transforming the dullest event into something spectacular. However, the most crucial advantage of this variety is its fantastic taste.


Shelf life: 4 months
Storage temperature: -1 ° to 4 °C
Species: Acipenser Baerii 
Ingredients: Acipenser Baerii Roe (Baeri), salt, borax salt.
Allergens: Fish

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