Caviar Tasting Masterclass by Beleaev Caviar House

Discover the world of haute cuisine with an exclusive caviar tasting masterclass presented by Beleaev Caviar House.This unique event invites connoisseurs to an educational session where you can familiarize yourself with the diversity and complexity of sturgeon caviar flavors.

Educational Immersion 

Participants of the masterclass will explore the rich history of caviar, from its traditional use to modern culinary trends. You will learn about the different types of caviar, methods of its harvesting and preparation, and how to perfectly pair caviar with wine and other exquisite dishes.

Gastronomic Journey 

The masterclass is not just information-rich but also a gastronomic experience that will sharpen your taste sensationsBy trying some of the best caviar varieties, including the exclusive new Golden Caviar from Beleaev Caviar House, you will dive into a world of refined tastes and aromas.

Caviar Sommelier

Allow our professional caviar sommelier to be your navigator on a journey through the world of exquisite flavors.With deep knowledge and experience, our expert will guide you through all stages of the tasting, ensuring full immersion in the flavors and nuances of each caviar variety. Discover unique tastes and combinations that will transform your perception of caviar into a true culinary adventure.

Unique Networking Opportunity

The Caviar Tasting Masterclass by Beleaev Caviar House is not only a unique gastronomic event but also an excellent opportunity for networking.Guests will have the chance to meet like-minded individuals, exchange knowledge and experience, and establish valuable contacts in an informal and sophisticated setting. It’s the perfect venue for expanding your professional horizons and creating new partnerships in the world of fine dining enthusiasts.